A Weekend Trip to Martha’s Vineyard

It was my first time visiting the Martha’s Vineyard, located 2.5 hours drive near the Cape Cod area in Massachusetts. It’s a must-visit town when you live in the New England.  I didn’t do much research about what to see/do there. I went with a group of my friends and tag along. One thing I noticed is that the vineyard is soooo beautiful, it’s like an isolated island somewhere in the Caribbean. The water is like clear blue and the views are so calming. Great way to start/end the week. Local people are very nice and chill.

Things I did while in Martha’s Vineyard:

Edgartown Lighthouse

There are about 4 lighthouses in Martha’s vineyard. We choose this one because it is located the nearest to our docking place. We bought a day pass for all buses that cost $8. We took a #13 bus and it got us there. There is a fee for going to the top of the lighthouse, so we didn’t go. The lighthouse is much shorter than what I expected.


Gingerbread House

The colorful, traditional houses are gingerbread houses. There are around 300 of them in that area and residents still live inside. I’ve never seen so many colorful houses before. We took a lot of pictures because it was just so beautiful and couldn’t resist.


We went back around 6 and take the cruise back. It was perfect timing too, because it’s sunset time, so we snap some pictures. Overall, it was a fun experience! I would want to go back at least to spend some time on the beach. Because I felt that we didn’t have much time to see everything. It was a bit rushed.