Korean Food You Must Try

Before visiting Korea, I had a list of foods that I  wanted to try. Some of them I didn’t try and some I did try. Here is the list:

1. Bibimbap (rice with meat and veggies)


2. Japchae (glass stir fried noodles)



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3. Jajangmyeon (black sauce noodles)


4. Gimbap (Korean sushi)



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5. Korean pancakes


6. Mandu (Korean Dumplings)



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7. Tteok-bokki (Spicy Rice Cakes)



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8. Odeng (Fish Cakes)

fish cake

9. Cold Noodles/Chopped Noodles w/dumplingschopped noodles

10. Soju/Makgeolli (Korean alcohol)



Left: Makgeolli; Right:Soju

Korea has a lot of different varieties of foods, but most of them are spicy. One dish we did not try was the live octopus. We felt it was too raw and disgusting, but if you are a foodie adventurer, go ahead.  Some of the food we ate, but forgot to take pictures, so I just found them online. Also, a Korean BBQ is a must, do I need to tell you that?! 🙂  Check out my Instagram for street food adventure in Korea @itsyan_

cover food

Side Note: Some local Korean restaurants did not have English menu. The waiter/waitress speaks little to no English at all. Luckily, there is menu with pictures outside their restaurants. So we depended on the pictures to order our food.

korean menu