Things that shocked me while I’m in Korea

It was my first time in Korea, so I didn’t expect much. I stayed in Seoul, South Korea for about a week. Those are the things that shocked me while I was in Seoul.

  1. Most Koreans are extremely nice
  2. Mandarin is spoken more common than English
  3. Public subway is translated into at least 3 languages: English, Korean, Chinese, and sometimes Japanese.
  4. There are 3 types of bathrooms available: bidets, “Western-style” toilets, and lastly the squat toilet. More on that here.
  5. Mirrors are everywhere in the bathroom (at least at the women’s bathroom) There is even a dedicated “make-up” space inside the bathroom for girls to touch up.
  6. Kimchi is served as a side dish in almost every meal and most dishes are spicy or sour
  7. Most attractions are within walkable distance. Read more about what I did for my 7 days of stay in Seoul in my next blog post. 🙂
  8. Convenience stores are EVERYWHERE!
  9. Supermarkets are rare to find. There’s only a few in Seoul.
  10. Korean door locks are very high-tech (They use pin as the keys)
  11. Credit cards are widely accepted except street food/ open market vendorsedf