Asian Cuisine in New York City

New York City not only known for its Time Square but also for food hunters. They have many Asian cuisines: Chinese, Korean, and Japanese. I visited NYC a couple times before (mostly for sightseeing) and have never really tried their local food. This time, we went all over Manhattan and MidTown, Downtown, UpTown to try all the Asian foods.

Korea Town: 

There is a Korea Town near Time Square in Midtown Manhattan. There are tons of Korean restaurants and most of them are filled with people during lunch time. Sometimes they don’t give you seats until all the people shown up. We had to wait for like 15 mins for our friends to show up then we can get seated.


The Kunjip Restaurant on 32nd St. 

korean-meatAppetizers include: kimchi, cucumber, radish, fried tofu, broccoli, some noodles, etc

Main Course: Seafood noodle, spicy tofu soup, egg bowl, seafood pancake, meat/beef etc.

 Japanese Street: 

Our hotel (St.Marks Hotel) is located on a Japanese street where it is filled with Japanese restaurants, Japanese gift shops, and other boutique shops. We went to a Japanese noodle restaurant for dinner and ordered some sushi and udon/ramen.


JeBon Restaurant 


NYC’s Chinatown is huge! The main street is Canal Street where it has many name branded businesses such as Luk Fook Jewellery, HSBC bank, etc. Chinatown is great for buying Chinese groceries like dried shrimps, mushrooms, fish, and meat. Mott Street in Chinatown is great for Chinese travelers who want to buy food as their souvenirs. In addition, Chinatown is the home to authentic Asian/Chinese cuisine such as noodle soup, dumplings, pork buns, fried rice, Chinese street foods, etc. Their food is affordable and offers a wide variety of selection. Next to Chinatown, there’s Little Italy where it hosts many Italian restaurants.



Chinese foods: Beef noodles, seafood pancakes, congee, squid, etc


New York City is like a food heaven. During this trip,  I ate meat every day whether it’s pork or beef. When I got back home, I had to eat lots of vegetables. If you are a food adventurer and a meat lover, NYC is for you. It is a city that never sleeps!

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