Winter Travel Must-Haves

If you are planning to travel to somewhere cold this winter, this guide is for you. Winter traveling can be a hassle, where you have to pack multiple jackets, big boots, extra thick socks. Below are the things I carry with me when I travel in the winter. Those things helped me tremendously when surviving the harsh winter climate.



Having a beanie to protect your head from the cold makes a big difference. Your head is the most important part of your body. So protect it first 🙂


A scarf will keep your neck warm and also prevent any wind from going through. It can also act as a cover piece for your face.


Gloves can come in really handy when you are holding something in the cold. Gloves can prevent your fingers from freezing.


Layering is your friend. Always wear in layers so the heat won’t escape that fast. Lastly, bundle up with a thick, insulated jacket that will keep you pretty warm.


Having a good warm pair of pants can keep your legs warm. Wool pants are the best because they retain heat even when it gets wet.


Fuzzy socks are very comfy and cozy. They are also very cute too. They keep your feet warm and are perfect to pair with boots


Your feet is very sensitive. You need to wear the boot with fleece lining inside that will keep your feet warm. The waterproof fleece-lined boot is a plus.

Lip Balm/Chapsticks

It’s very important to protect your lips from the cold windy weather. I always carry my lip balm with me wherever I go and apply it often, so I don’t get chapped lips. (that will be disgusting. Nobody wants chapped lips)

Body Lotion

Body lotion is another winter essential that I use every day after the shower and before I go out. My skin is very dry, so I need to apply lotion to everywhere.

Hand Warmers 

Hand warmers are something my friend recommended to me. I tried it and it works very well. It keeps my hand warm for a long time. It’s a life saver.



Stay Warm and Safe Travels!