My Experience with Airbnb

During our visit in Puerto Rico, we stayed at two Airbnb locations. One in El Yunque and one in Vieques Island. For those people that don’t know, Airbnb is a local hosting site that connects travelers with low-cost accommodations. Airbnb is a great way to experience the local culture by living in a local’s house. Airbnb can be 30-50% cheaper than regular hotels and can be as cheap as $30-$40 per night. Although you saved money by booking Airbnb, but there are some pros and cons with that.

Airbnb view of El Yunque1

  1. Cheap Airbnb can be a bit far from the city center, so factor in the transportation cost
  2. Obviously, you will not get that luxurious feeling living in Airbnb
  3. You will not get as much privacy when living in some Airbnb (For our stay in El Yunque, we lived in a room right next to the host’s room and the doors can’t be locked. So watch out for your valuables)


    Homemade Plantain

  4. Showers and bathroom will not be as nice as hotels but still manageable to live for a few days in my opinion
  5. Pack your own toiletries, sometimes they will not provide you everything
  6. Most hosts are nice too. For our El Yunque host. she cooked us some fried bananas called plantain (a local appetizer) It was delicious!
  7. In the El Yunque Airbnb, the host has many dogs, cats, and horses. Sometimes they are not trained well, so they bark strangers like us.
  8. For cheap Airbnb, sometimes you will not get an air conditioner. So prepare yourself or contact the host before booking

Airbnb is a great way to save money on accommodations and a good way to meet some locals. We enjoyed staying at their homes and the hosts are friendly. They even recommended us some major attractions around the area. Overall, I enjoyed staying in Airbnb as much as in hotels. I think what Airbnb offers is a valuable host-to-traveller interaction that hotels can’t offer. But you will have to sacrifice the nice bathrooms, free toiletries, the king size bed, and possibly the air conditioner. For me, I am fine with it.


My Experience with Airbnb

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