2-Week Itinerary in Puerto Rico

For summer 2016, we went to Puerto Rico for 2 weeks. During our stay, we visited Old San Juan, Vieques Island, Fajardo, and El Yunque. We had amazing experiences at each location other than the hot weather ( I am talking about low 80s and high 90s F weather) and lots of mosquitoes everywhere. I enjoyed the city but for some days, going outside feels like burning. So make sure you bring sunscreen, hats, bug spray, or even umbrella. (umbrella can be useful for blocking sunlight and for rainy days:)

Here is our 2-week itinerary in Puerto Rico:

2-days hike in El Yunque. Want to know more about the rainforest? Read more about it HERE (I attached the trail map on that post) We hiked many trails especially the Big Tree Trails that lead us to the biggest waterfall in El Yunque (La Mina Falls) We also stopped at the La Coca Falls during our drive up to the hill. On our second day, we wanted to hike to the El Yunque Peak. After hiking for an hour of uphill, we were very tired so ended up stopping at one of the electrical towers.

Hiking in El Yunque

1-day in Fajardo. There are not many things to do in Fajardo except to do the kayakthe views Bioluminescence Bay that the micro-organisms glow at night. Unfortunately, during our times, the micro-organisms weren’t glowing as bright as usual. So we were a bit disappointed. If we can do the Bio Bay again, we would definitely do it in Vieques Island in the Mosquito Bay. Someone we met in Vieques said that the Bio Bay in Vieques has the brightest bioluminescence organisms in the Carribean. Another suggestion is to do the earlier Bio Bay because the later one is really dark. Kayaking at a pitch dark unknown environment is not fun.

2-days in Vieques Island. Vieques Island is a beautiful yet small island on the east side of Puerto Rico. You can take the $4 round trip/person ferry to the Island. Make sure you get to the Fajardo Ferry Terminal as early as possible, because tickets go to the locals first and it sold out fast. Read more about it Here I recommended going to the terminal 2 hours early before the ferry departs. (On a side note: Culebra Island’s tickets are limited and they sold out faster than Vieques tickets. We went an hour early and we still couldn’t get a ticket to Culebra) Anyways, we had a good time in Vieques Island. We did snorkeling and I ran into some accidents. We also went to the SunBay beach (the water is so bluish-green, it’s like a paradise, the waves are big and lots of coconut trees)

Vieques Island

Having Fun in Vieques Island


4-days in Old San Juan. We spent our last week in Old San Juan, the oldest city in Puerto Rico. We did mostly sight-seeing (this includes going to museums, taking trolly rides and going to beaches) Read about my recommendation of must-see attractions in San Juan HERE 🙂

Old San Juan1

**We spent 1-2 days staying in because it was too hot outside and we can’t take the sun anymore. We just relax in our hotel.

Below is just a few clips that I put together on our trip to PR.