Boston vs. Chicago

There are quite a lot of similarities between Chicago and Boston. I was shocked to realize how similar those two cities were. There is the list: Both cities have a train station named… Continue reading

7-Day Itinerary in Chicago

This is my first time traveling to Chicago by myself. I was so excited to see what this big city has to offer. I planned a week of activities that includes main attractions,… Continue reading

A Weekend Trip to Martha’s Vineyard

It was my first time visiting the Martha’s Vineyard, located 2.5 hours drive near the Cape Cod area in Massachusetts. It’s a must-visit town when you live in the New England.  I didn’t… Continue reading

Korean Food You Must Try

Before visiting Korea, I had a list of foods that I  wanted to try. Some of them I didn’t try and some I did try. Here is the list: 1. Bibimbap (rice with… Continue reading

6-Days Itinerary in Seoul, South Korea

For summer 2017, I spent a week in Seoul, South Korea with my family. Overall, my experience is Seoul was unexpectedly great. Koreans are very nice and Seoul is a tourist-friendly city. I had… Continue reading

Things that shocked me while I’m in Korea

It was my first time in Korea, so I didn’t expect much. I stayed in Seoul, South Korea for about a week. Those are the things that shocked me while I was in… Continue reading

Asian Cuisine in New York City

New York City not only known for its Time Square but also for food hunters. They have many Asian cuisines: Chinese, Korean, and Japanese. I visited NYC a couple times before (mostly for… Continue reading

Winter Travel Must-Haves

If you are planning to travel to somewhere cold this winter, this guide is for you. Winter traveling can be a hassle, where you have to pack multiple jackets, big boots, extra thick… Continue reading

One Year Ago…

2015 is the year I took the most trips and it’s the year I am most grateful for. I went back to China to visit my dad and stopped in Japan during my winter… Continue reading

My Experience with Airbnb

During our visit in Puerto Rico, we stayed at two Airbnb locations. One in El Yunque and one in Vieques Island. For those people that don’t know, Airbnb is a local hosting site… Continue reading