Pack with Me: 10 Days in a Backpack

Spring Break is approaching and it’s time for travel. This time I am traveling to Europe for 10 days with a friend. We can only bring one carry on (personal item) with us.… Continue reading

Boston vs. Chicago

There are quite a lot of similarities between Chicago and Boston. I was shocked to realize how similar those two cities were. There is the list: Both cities have a train station named… Continue reading

7-Day Itinerary in Chicago

This is my first time traveling to Chicago by myself. I was so excited to see what this big city has to offer. I planned a week of activities that includes main attractions,… Continue reading

A Weekend Trip to Martha’s Vineyard

It was my first time visiting the Martha’s Vineyard, located 2.5 hours drive near the Cape Cod area in Massachusetts. It’s a must-visit town when you live in the New England.  I didn’t… Continue reading

Korean Food You Must Try

Before visiting Korea, I had a list of foods that I  wanted to try. Some of them I didn’t try and some I did try. Here is the list: 1. Bibimbap (rice with… Continue reading

6-Days Itinerary in Seoul, South Korea

For summer 2017, I spent a week in Seoul, South Korea with my family. Overall, my experience is Seoul was unexpectedly great. Koreans are very nice and Seoul is a tourist-friendly city. I had… Continue reading

Things that shocked me while I’m in Korea

It was my first time in Korea, so I didn’t expect much. I stayed in Seoul, South Korea for about a week. Those are the things that shocked me while I was in… Continue reading

Asian Cuisine in New York City

New York City not only known for its Time Square but also for food hunters. They have many Asian cuisines: Chinese, Korean, and Japanese. I visited NYC a couple times before (mostly for… Continue reading

Winter Travel Must-Haves

If you are planning to travel to somewhere cold this winter, this guide is for you. Winter traveling can be a hassle, where you have to pack multiple jackets, big boots, extra thick… Continue reading

One Year Ago…

2015 is the year I took the most trips and it’s the year I am most grateful for. I went back to China to visit my dad and stopped in Japan during my winter… Continue reading

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    Nothing is free in this world. Even though Denmark has free education and health care, they pay it through high tax rate- 45℅ in income tax. 
#denmark #funfacts #travel #aarhus #taxrate ⚠ TRIP UPDATE⚠ 
1. Average temperature at 1°C
2. Humidity level 100℅ 
3. Broke my adapter on the first day 
4. Lost my gloves on the second day
Currently: in the middle of nowhere 
It's OK. I am still alive 
#travel #travelsolo #denmark Just because you’re trash doesn’t mean you can’t do great things. It’s called making garbage can pretty 🇩🇰🇩🇰
#freetownchristiania #christiania #garffiti #cph #denmark #copenhagen #travel #f4f Looks so much cooler in person 
#christiania #hiptown #graffiti #art #denmark #travel
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