7-Day Itinerary in Montreal, Canada

I went to Montreal, Canada for about a week with my friends. We had a lot of fun and experienced a different culture than in the U.S. In Montreal, French was widely spoken… Continue reading

Things to do in Aarhus, Denmark

  Aarhus is the second largest city in Denmark by population. I traveled from Copenhagen to Aarhus by Flixbus for about 4 hours. I stayed there for 2 days because I have to… Continue reading

How Expensive is Denmark?

Most people (including myself) think that Denmark is an expensive city to live. It is true in some way from my past experience. Below are just some costs that we faced during/ prior to… Continue reading

Getting Around in Copenhagen

Cycling is very popular in Denmark and it’s cheap and fast way to get around town. Read more about the cycling culture in my previous post. In addition to cycling, Copenhagen is a… Continue reading

7-Day Itinerary in Copenhagen, Denmark

My friend and I booked a round-trip ticket to Copenhagen, Denmark for Spring Break because of the cheap airfare we found online. It was a great deal that I don’t wanna miss this… Continue reading

Cycling Facts in Denmark

I got back to Boston and finally have time to sit down and write this short post. I was busy with my school work. One of my school projects is to create an… Continue reading

Pack with Me: 10 Days in a Backpack

Spring Break is approaching and it’s time for travel. This time I am traveling to Europe for 10 days with a friend. We can only bring one carry on (personal item) with us.… Continue reading

Boston vs. Chicago

There are quite a lot of similarities between Chicago and Boston. I was shocked to realize how similar those two cities were. There is the list: Both cities have a train station named… Continue reading

7-Day Itinerary in Chicago

This is my first time traveling to Chicago by myself. I was so excited to see what this big city has to offer. I planned a week of activities that includes main attractions,… Continue reading

A Weekend Trip to Martha’s Vineyard

It was my first time visiting the Martha’s Vineyard, located 2.5 hours drive near the Cape Cod area in Massachusetts. It’s a must-visit town when you live in the New England.  I didn’t… Continue reading